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Are you lucky? Studies have shown that people who believe luck is with them when they gamble actually win more than those who think otherwise.

Being positive about luck is all to do with taking a chance when the timing is right.

There are also people who seem to have more than their fair share of luck. There's always someone with the knack of "pulling something out of the bag," just when they need it most.

Often in the casino, luck accompanies an unpremeditated move. The exasperated gambler who's fed up with losing pushes over all his remaining chips, as if willing two decent cards, and suddenly he's got blackjack.

He hadn't been meaning to throw away all his money and, to his great surprise, he has it all back and more.

Once, I was betting on some horses and getting nowhere fast. Deciding that normal betting practice was proving hopeless, I made some deliberate choices of horses that for one reason or another had, or so I thought, no chance of winning.

The first then won at 10-1. The second went in at 8-1. The third flew in at 12-1, leaving me with $ 8,600 going onto the final horse, which left the stalls at 13-2. I was in line for a big win of more than $ 64,000.

I have forgotten the names of the first three horses but I always remember the fourth. Urban Cowboy. Now the normal jockey that day, who would have claimed a weight allowance, got held up in traffic somewhere, so there was a jockey substitution, a more experience rider but unable to claim the weight.

Urban Cowboy was top weight that day. The horse took up the running about 50 yards from the winning post. I was watching the race. It seemed as if those 64,000 dollars would soon be in my pocket. I held my breath.

Urban Cowboy was game but the weight factor was crucial. When I opened my eyes again, the horse was still leading and the post was yards away but another horse kept creeping up and, as luck would have it, collared Urban Cowboy in the dying strides of that $ 64,000 race.

Luck? Don't tell me about it. My luck was a consolation prize of $ 500 place money. I've often wondered how my life might have been different if that amateur jockey had left home 30 minutes earlier, and had been able to ride.

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