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There are as many ideas of what paradise is as there are descriptions of it by people who are just guessing. One man's paradise is another's hell. A professor recently remarked that he knew why Adam and Eve ate the apple so readily and left the Garden of Eden in a hurry because they were so bored with it.

Tropical islands also represent some people's idea of paradise, a playground among blue lagoons, brilliantly colored birds, girls bathing under waterfalls, but be careful a coconut doesn't hit you on the head!

If you're stranded in the Arctic, paradise can mean a snug igloo and an Eskimo's bed; in the desert an oasis; and when your throat is parched and dry, glasses of cool beer or water welling up from a cool spring.

For others, paradise is an inexhaustible bankroll and the long night stretching out before you, as you contemplate which casino to give your custom to. The pleasant luxury of choosing the casino you want to visit . . . and the night is still young.

The glittering neon signs beckon. Casinos are open night and day. Someone may hit a jackpot tonight. High rollers check out their funds, money changes hands. Some will be lucky but many will lose. Some will go home smiling; others will redouble their efforts to win the following day. Despite all the gleaning of the strategy cards and the experience of the more knowledgeable players, no one knows for sure where and upon whom Lady Luck will strike.

On the Las Vegas Strip, there are many choices of casino, as there are on the Internet. Online gambling is Las Vegas online and there's no shortage of good casinos to visit. You may not be in paradise as we know it, and will not have any virgins to look after you, but you'll still have a good time at

Anyone can join simply by downloading the FREE casino software from the website. After installing the new games, Players can choose to Play for Fun or for Real Money. Nine classic casino games make up the superlative suite of games (Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Craps, Paigow Poker, Roulette, Slot Machine, Video Poker and Progressive Slot Machine), with more games to be added later in the year.

Players have the option to play in single or multi Player mode, and can play with friends anywhere in the world. After downloading the free software, all these games can be played instantly. Players get all the games in one free download. Try the games todaythey are easily the best on the Internet.

You'll be pleased to know that Paradise Casino is owned and managed by a group of U.S. corporations, including a finance company, and an international group of companies, who have been in business for more than 140 years. They are the largest operators of casinos on the Internet. Any business that manages to survive for almost a century and a half must know something about what the customer really wants and how to provide it. The reputation of this group is highly impressive.

Paradise Casino website lists 24 good reasons to play the games they offer but there is one overriding reason. They are part of a trusted group that offers the best online casino games in the world. With guaranteed odds and game fairness, friendly and expert customer support, winners receiving payment in 24 hours, player satisfaction is comprehensively assured.

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