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The word "punter" is a British colloquialism that Americans recognize as "bettor." Any person who bets, usually on a horse, is a punter.There's no harm in that but there is in "punting." That's when a gambler just bets indiscriminately on anything with four legs, throwing away money until there is nothing left.

Usually, a day's gambling will start with good intentions but the punting mood is dangerous because all caution is thrown to the winds. When the punter decides he might as well "go for broke," having lost so much already, that's when punting gets hold of the punter and shakes all the money out of his pockets into the satchels of the bookmaker.

I had a friend who never knew when to start gambling and stop punting. Having spent all morning studying form, he'd rush to put on a bet. If it lost, all hell let loose; he'd kick the shop chairs and swear out loud at the horse and the staff and anyone else near him.

The manager of the bookmaker's business had to warn him that he would no longer be able to bet there unless he kept his swearing under his breath, and stopped kicking the chairs like an unruly horse.

The worst mistake he ever made was to open a telephone betting account. When he phoned for a result, and the horse lost, he'd slam the phone down so hard it broke. Then he had to buy a new phone.

So it seems there's no harm in being a punter, that's okay but whatever you do, don’t start punting! A punter can be a professional bettor but not when he's punting. In this mood, any old horse will do, and the imagination leaps to make every 33-1 shot a winner.

If you want to gamble online and consider yourself a punter, then you should visit the aptly named Punter.com. It has everything for the gambler, the occasional player, anyone who wants to try to win playing some of the world's most exciting casino games.

It makes a change from the horses. 

At Punter.com, there are some new casino games where you can enjoy some of the thrills of gambling online, playing Las Vegas style games.

There's Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, Kasino Pelit and many more games to try once you download the free software and install the casino on your PC.

The games load in seconds. The graphics are truly multi-dimensional and will fairly astound you. The sounds you will hear are equally amazing. You can actually hear the roulette ball spin and land on its chosen number. The software behind the games is the best in the business.

Punter.com also has all the usual player benefits and more. These include sign up bonuses of up to 30% for new players, guaranteed odds and game fairness, and the fastest time to collect your winnings.

If you're a winner at Punter.com, an Internet bank will speed your winnings to your account in 24 hours or less. That's a major advance on the payment methods usually used by some other online casinos.

You will also be delighted to learn that the group that own and manages Punter.com is part of a group of U.S. corporations, and a finance company, that have been in business for over 140 years. It's reassuring to know you are dealing with the world's #1, the largest operator of licensed casinos on the Internet.

They have grown by paying attention to the smallest details and ensuring that the customer always comes first. It's a pleasant surprise to find such helpful and friendly staff, and this online casino is highly recommended.

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If the horses have let you down, why not relax at home instead with online gambling at its best. You can view the casino, download the free software to install the games, and have a great time at Punter.com. You'll definitely back a winner by choosing this online casino!